Sumo Spa and Shiatsu

Located in Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta, Sumo Spa & Shiatsu near the area of Kelapa Gading. Even though it's a bit outside of town, Kelapa Gading is one of Jakarta's most densely populated areas, very popular for its dining, entertainment and shopping centres. and Sumo Starting Operation in 2003. with a very strategic position, business center palm ivory, visited the spa inisangat hunters beauty

Facilities :

- Spa, Sauna, Whirlpool, Gymnasium, Ginger steam, Theatre, Resto & Bar
- Standar & VIP Room with Bathub hot & cold water, remote controlled color television with satelite TV program & telephone
- Resto & Lounge with japanese food
- Parking area & Valet service

Spa Rates :
- Facilities (Spa,Sauna,Whirpool,Ginger Steam,Gymnasium)---->Rp. 75.000,-
- Massage (Suite Room)---------------------------------------->Rp 200.000,-
- Lulur (Royal Room)------------------------------------------> Rp 300.000,-
- Reflexi-------------------------------------------------------> Rp 150.000,-
- China Massage-----------------------------------------------> Rp 250.000,-
- China Reflexi-------------------------------------------------> Rp 200.000,-

Special Promotions :SUMO " HAPPY HOUR " PROMO
25 % OFF for Food & Beverage
60 % OFF for Facilities
START From 12.00 PM until 17.00 PM

for mor information visit here

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