Four Seasons Hotel one of The best spa at Jakarta

Once filled with busy work, effort and brain racking business and labor. it is natural that the career woman in jakarta pamper themselves with a relaxing spots to relax the nerves were strained during work. at least once a week taking the time to care and maintenance of performance in order to remain fit and fresh look.

for business and relaxation spa treatments could be one solution. one of the best spa jakarta spa zone can recommend are:

Four Seasons Hotel

The spa is one of the best in Jakarta. In the process of this spa treatment using ingredients that are completely natural, which would certainly cause a distinctive aroma therapy effects various ingredients of spices, herbs, and flowers of tropical concoctions will certainly effect a sense of calm, comfortable, and relax the enough to make you nervous Rilex and sagging in the face of your activities so racked his brains and energy.

Spa services that you can enjoy here are:
  1. Javanese
  2. Reflex
  3. Recovery
  4. Crystal Healing and Detoxification
For you are more tired with the day-to-day activities we suggest you should choose the type of recovery.
Recovery fit for a day of activities you are heavy, such as exercising and working in the field. Massage and gentle pressure on specific parts will warm up your muscles and make it pliable again after being used all day. And of course Recovery Spa will make your body refreshed without having to feel the pain of strained muscles.

Spa Package at Four Seasons Hotel
Enjoy the start of the price Rp295.000, -.

Four Seasons Hotel

Transmitted by road Rasuna Said Jakarta 12920 Indonesia

Tel. (021) 252-3456

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Post Title : Four Seasons Hotel one of The best spa at Jakarta

Four Seasons Hotel one of The best spa at Jakarta,


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