The term spa, functionality and usefulness

There are several opinions about the term spa, if the terms of the language and its origins. There were found the spa comes from the Latin and is taken from the term sante par aqua, which means healthy through water therapy, the other opinion says that the spa is derived from Greek (solous per aqua), which means'''' healing through water. But others argue spa term, derived from the town of Spa in Belgium, where the term is intended to designate a place of hot springs containing minerals and is believed to have the efficacy to cure various diseases. But when viewed in terms of terminology and functions all refer to an agreement that the spa is a health and beauty treatments using water containers as a means of therapy and medication.

In spite of all of the terms was that in this modern life, where all activities are carried out daily so full and exhausting, Spa has become one pavorit options for relaxation and pampering treatments for just a tired body with a full day of activities, or routine maintenance to support the appearance of the young and old are intense in keeping up appearances.

If seen from the history of water treatment is apparently (Spas) are familiar from centuries ago. Even supposedly according to the history of the noblemen of the days was very fond of these treatments and spa therapies. Even in Roman times this treatment routinely performed Cleopatra to enhance your appearance with a soak in hot water mixed with a variety of fragrances from essential oils. Hippocrates, the Greek hero treatment itself has been practicing the spa treatments that produced writings about hydrotherapy. 
Then what about today is how to run the treatment and massage therapists?

Now the spa was very much progress in terms of both technique and of the tools used, as the development of technology, supporting facilities start popping like whirpool, jagusi, bathtub and hydrobath. In accordance with the opinion and the terms are parsed in the spa, which means water or mineral hot springs, are now more likely to use clean water to soak the air pressure (shower) high strength.So what are the benefits of massage and spa therapy?

1. Delaying aging
Massages are usually performed using hot stones, properties can relax tense muscles. This method is already widely believed and proven to eliminate the signs of premature aging characterized by wrinkles or wrinkles on the skin.
2. Stress-freeAs we know that primary care spa is focused on the therapeutic and relaxation massage relaxed and fresh effect on the patient. With so nerves will relax the tension that could eventually relieve stress.
3. Weight lossApparently in addition to relaxing spa treatments and beauty could be to lose weight, with massage therapy with massage techniques from a professional massage therapist can burn calories in the body will automatically lose weight.
4. Eliminate toxins in the skinAs we know that the skin is very sensitive to weather and climate change, air pollution is also very dangerous to the skin at risk of dangerous free radicals. Again spa bias to be one of the best solutions to clean the toxins in the skin.
5. Improve blood circulationBathing in a sauna has many health benefits. This treatment can improve blood circulation and make skin glow.
After reading this article if you are still unsure of the benefits of a spa treatment?? Do you still have the interest to try?? Maybe the cost will be a little pricey, but trust that you spend the cost must be balanced with the benefits you get, maybe even more than you can imagine.

Enjoy your massage therapy and spa

Post Title : The term spa, functionality and usefulness

The term spa, functionality and usefulness,


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