Etoile Suites french style interior spa

Usually these places are generally only deliver spa services such as foot spa bath, body massage, body scrub or body mask. But in this place is different, with French-style interior design with the concept of holistic Etoile Suites also provides training services if the body such as yoga, kinesis, thai boxing, circuit training and pilates.Spa has a typical herb made from the lotus flower, which of course we already know have high antioxidant properties delay premature aging.
To get this service you have to prepare the money

Rp. 500.000, - to Rp. 1.700.000, -

for more info or going directly to the site please contact or visit:

Address: Jl. No. Hang Lekir Kingdom. 6, South Jakarta.
Phone: 021-72787229.

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Post Title : Etoile Suites french style interior spa

Etoile Suites french style interior spa,


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