Taman Sari Royal haritage one of the best spa service

With the hustle and bustle of the city growing fatigue unstoppable make similar places of relaxation and massage spa has mushroomed with all the amenities and services brackish respectively.

No exception to this one place, with varying service combined with a beautiful atmosphere and calm, and professional personnel, Taman Sari Royal haritage guaranteed to be your best option to relax your tired body, frantic mind invigorating.

Spa massage combined with variations such as:

1. Prameswari Queen Massage
Massage therapy offers two massage therapists working together to provide services to you.

2. Boro Mustika Volcanic Stone Theraphy
. Therapy with volcanic lava rock.

and other services are guaranteed all will pamper you.
for details please see website http://www.tamansariroyalheritage.com/services.html.


Taman Sari Royal Heritage Spa (Head Office)
Jl.K.H. Wahid Hasyim 133
Central Jakarta
Phone (62 21) 3143585, 3801433, Fax (62 21) 31930100
email spa@mustika-ratu.co.id

PT. Mustika Ratubuana International
Jl. Km.26 Bogor, 4 Ciracas Pasar Rebo, East Jakarta 13 740
Telp.021; 8711291 ext.165/247
Fax; 021-8700988 / 87

Costumer Service Products
Toll free 0-800-1-888-555
Hotline service (62 21) 8312323 | Fax (62 21) 8306630
email customer_service@mustika-ratu.co.id

Professional pack size order for:
Export (62 21) 8711291 | Fax (62 21) 8711248
Domestic (62 21) 8711291 ext.220/165 | Fax (62 21) 8700988

look for big size

Post Title : Taman Sari Royal haritage one of the best spa service

Taman Sari Royal haritage one of the best spa service,


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